The UK government’s ambitious target to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels has refocused the spotlight on energy management and the need to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions whilst striving to lower costs. This new target amounts to a 60% reduction on today’s levels and will require a concerted, co-ordinated effort by organisations across all industries. 

Energy manager job roles are becoming increasingly commonplace among organisations that are committed to developing sustainable business practices and understanding energy performance. To fully understand how the typical component parts and systems found in commercial buildings perform in terms of energy consumption there needs to be a thorough appreciation of how energy flows in and out of a building and how key elements can be reconfigured to work in harmony with one another to limit energy loss wherever possible.

With UK energy costs also on the rise once again, energy management skills are expected to be in high demand. Training and apprenticeships based around the core theme of energy management are becoming progressively more popular amongst learners and employers who recognise the need to act quickly and decisively on energy performance in buildings. A Level 3 Junior Energy Management Apprenticeship will provide foundation knowledge across 11 core topics of energy management, including technical, assessments, behavioural change, regulatory and legal, waste management, transport, procurement, water and more. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship the individual will walk away with a clear understanding of the economics of energy consumption, the processes used to determine energy performance and the fundamentals of how to audit and advise on improvements to energy efficiency and reduce emissions. The employer ultimately benefits from having an in-house energy manager with the skills and expertise to meet the organisation’s sustainability commitments.

Peter Behan, director of Group Horizon, comments: “The Junior Energy Management Apprenticeship aligns perfectly with the government’s latest emissions targets and the pathway to net-zero. Group Horizon has a faultless record of delivering high quality training delivered on site or through online sessions and the Junior Energy Management Apprenticeship appeals to a broad range of industry sectors, including construction and the built environment, NHS, Network Rail, property, retail and leisure.”

Concerns around climate change are driving increasingly rapid changes in government policy which in turn is leading to the creation of new sustainability and energy management job roles with excellent long-term prospects. Organisations across the UK are being prompted to rethink their longstanding energy strategies and should seriously consider the merits of investing in specialist in-house skills and know-how to promote long-term savings.