Our first Ofsted inspection took place on 10th – 13th December 2019 using the new Education Inspection Framework.  We were notified on Friday 6th December that 5 inspectors would be visiting Group Horizon and that learners and employers would be interviewed from sites across England and in our partnerships in the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Our strategic leadership approach was commended. “Leaders have a clear strategic rationale for the delivery of apprenticeship programmes in manufacturing, management and energy…. they work effectively with employers….. to identify and design programmes that support apprentices and learners to develop the technical skills required to meet local and regional need.  Leaders are ambitious for learners…. They plan and deliver specialist programmes that provide learners and apprentices with the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful in the energy, logistics and manufacturing industries.”

Apprenticeship programmes demonstrate that learners “value the qualifications that they study towards. Staff work in close collaboration with employers to design and deliver programmes that maximise apprentices’ ability to develop new knowledge and skills. Apprentices quickly develop substantial new knowledge, skills and behaviours which leads to a high proportion achieving their qualifications.”

On our new Junior Energy Management programme… “Energy apprentices acquire a greater breadth of knowledge in the calculation of energy consumption. They use this knowledge to consider energy efficiencies and provide advice to colleagues and customers on how to manage energy more effectively. Tutors consistently check knowledge in sessions and use online tests to enable apprentices to recall information.”

Adult programmes were commended for the increase in confidence that learners achieve as they gain new knowledge and skills in construction, manufacturing and logistics. “Adult learners receive high-quality training which they see as the key to opening the door to future employment.” Our staff were commended for the support they give …. “Adult learners with mental health issues receive support from tutors and are referred to external agencies to receive specialist help.”

On British Values and Safeguarding, Ofsted found that learners and apprentices develop a good understanding of the values needed to live and work in modern Britain. Leaders implement suitable safeguarding procedures to keep learners safe and ensure that staff and learners receive effective safeguarding training.

Our success is due to our dedicated team of staff and it is refreshing to see the positive commentary about our experienced and dedicated trainers.

Thanks to the team and to all of the learners and their employers who contributed and continue to support our success. The Ofsted Grade 2 overall gives us a firm platform to build upon. Needless to say, we won’t let up on the continuous improvements.

To read the full Ofsted report please click here or visit the Ofsted website to view the report by clicking here.

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