Group Horizon is pleased to announce that it has received Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Cyber Essentials is a set of baseline technical controls produced by the UK Government and security industry to help organisations – large and small – improve their cyber security defences and demonstrate a public commitment to their network security and the standards to which they operate. Fundamentally, the scheme addresses the most common internet-based attacks that use widely available tools and that need very little skill for the attacker to use. 

Cyber Essentials requires organisations to have a number of technical and procedural controls in place to improve their information security in order to mitigate common internet-borne cyber-attacks. Cyber Essentials Plus is a series of tests that provide a further level of assurance that these technical controls have been successfully implemented within an organisation.

Group Horizon has undergone an audit of its IT system by one of Cyber Essentials’ highly trained assessors and can now declare publicly, that the company has been proven to meet baseline security standards set out by Cyber Essentials Plus.

Group Horizon Managing Director Karen Nichols said: “Having already achieved the Cyber Essentials standard we decided we wanted to take our commitment to cyber security one step further and Cyber Essentials Plus is the audited version of the Cyber Essentials information security standard. We are extremely happy to have received this top-level certification so that our clients can be reassured our IT systems are protected by the very best cyber security.”

Cyber Essentials Plus