Group Horizon celebrates renewed Matrix accreditation

Group Horizon has once again achieved Matrix accreditation after meeting stringent assessment criteria.

The Matrix standard is recognised within the sector as the international quality standard for organisations that deliver information, advice and guidance (IAG). Having held Matrix accreditation for the past 10 years, Group Horizon has been consistently recognised as a leading IAG provider and is committed to upholding the highest possible standards by benchmarking against best practice.

The matrix Standard comprises four elements:

  • Leadership and Management

  • Resources

  • Service Delivery

  • Continuous Quality Development

In order to achieve accreditation, an independent assessor must confirm that all criteria are met. As the Matrix standard is an outcome-based standard, the assessor will not only look at the processes used to support delivery but also at the results achieved. Primary evidence is collected through interviews with individuals directly involved in delivery and those affected by it.

Group Horizon’s latest Matrix assessment took place across two days and closely examined the organisation’s approach to supporting learners, employees, partners and employers in providing information, advice and guidance.

Peter Behan, Director at Group Horizon, commented: “We are delighted to have again secured Matrix accreditation and it’s a testament to the outstanding efforts of our team that we will be able to continue to proudly display the Matrix quality mark. Thank you to everyone involved in the accreditation process as well as our exceptional learners and employers.”